Sunday, November 08, 2009

Running - 2 races in 3 weeks

Todays run was nice. The realrun in 2008 was about enduring the heat but today the weather was great with a blob of cloud constantly blocking the sun.

Ladybug and Otterman picked me up at 540 am.. Otterman incidentally enjoyed watching the runners come in and noticed the change in form from the fastest to the slower runners. The backdrop of the beach and Pulau Tekong in the distance was nice for him.

Anyway, I started off the race slowly with Ladybug who was in the zone with music from Queen. The rain in the last few weeks had made the reclaimed land area nice and soft for today so that first few km were easy on the feet. Out of that terrain was the park connector along the changi coastal road. The shade was nice. But the best part of the run was under the canopy of Terminalia catappa which were in their autumnal colours of red and gold. It provided timely distraction from my hunger pangs that were assailing my stomach, I could have stopped for a buffet then... The falling leaves were so mesmerising that I caught a leaf that was falling from the high branches of the trees on either side of the road.

From that stretch we entered into the Changi Beach park which soon made way for the dreaded beach section.. however, I found myself picking up the pace there... must be the waves. I made the most of that upswing and found a good pace and stuck to it. The tarmac section was the hottest but also the part where most people were slowing down so I must have overtaken quite a few of those. I gave the final drinks station a miss and upped the pace to the finish line, mindful of the fact that I was going to be within 1hr 40 mins which would better last year's race... Otterman was there to provide the finish line support - so he got a t-shirt for that!

Great race and good organisation with the drinks stop at every 2 km.

Newbalance Realrun 2009 - 1hr 39mins
2008 - 1hr 40 mins 36 secs.

Nike Human Race 2009 - 1hr 4 mins (yucks).


Good to have Indian Veg meal the day before as it has loads of rice. The gulab jamons provide good source of carbo-loading. Should have more bananas for breakfast.