Saturday, April 04, 2009

We could have done better

I am in a funny melancholic and reflective mood today... in a good way. After the ride this morning, I went for a friend's father's wake. All throughout the time there, I couldn't help but think of my own parents and how I should do more for them. Then I read in the news papers about Dying well which brought me to Shin Na's blog. Jen and I had watched a documentary about her life called "In the face of death" and teared along with the family.

Then I read the post by Deadpoet's Cave "Goodbye Angsana " and felt this sense that we could do better. Better for our family, creatures that are alive and well now. Jen pointed out to me this article in Shape July 08, pg 38, "The simpler life" A city clicker finds contentment where she'd least expected". There's a quote there " Because whether we're being counted successful or mediocre, we're all headed six-feet under and I think I'd rather have a smile like Khushi's as I make the journey there." Khushi is the kid who was rescued by nuns, left for dead by the roadside.

So, I reflect on the moment I saw the squirrel, it was a mere 2 seconds that I had glanced at it and the image is fresh in my head still, the tail twitching and the paws to its mouth. That's life, we need to be in the moment and appreciate this existence; its much shorter than the eternity we are going to.

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Anonymous Ivan Chew said...

Death is the great equaliser, I think. We all need to constantly review our definitions of "Success", "Wealth" and "Happiness".

7:44 PM  

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