Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Paper Airplane Guy is here

The Science Centre is a regular place we visit with the kids - but today, there was a special treat; we got to see the Paper Airplane Guy - John Collin showing us how to make various paper airplanes that left the audience mesmerised with a craft that was both clever in terms of the science of flight and artful incorporation of Origami into the making of paper airplanes... This must rank as one of the most entertaining demonstrations I have been to.

See what I mean here

Almost all the airplanes are folded from a single sheet of US letter sized paper. My favorite are the planes built from phonebook pages which stay in flight when he walks with cardboard to create a draft below the craft and the bat plane, which flaps like a bat.

Catch him at the Singapore Science Centre (2 more days left) - see below

Singapore Science Centre: Events|The Paper Airplane Guy Show

Josh and Matt waiting for the autographed paper airplane book by John.


[He inspires a new category - "wow" in this blog]

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Anonymous nico said...

como los ases bolar los tumbling wing?

8:16 AM  

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