Saturday, December 20, 2008

Recent reads


As a total outsider to Ancient Greek history, I found this book hard to follow. Too many unfamiliar names being brought up. But the names are brought to context by the author Paul Cartledge so one begins to get acquainted with names and terms like Herodotus, Plutarch, Greco-persian wars. Anyway, obviously my interest was piqued when I watched 300. I rewatched it before the marathon and the words of Gorgo to Leonidas "Come back with your shield or on it". Some borrowed bravado to complete 42K. Pretty apt since the battle at Marathon was important in the War against the Persians.

The Mystic Masseur

VS Naipaul is probably an author that is a must-read but this is the first of his books that I have read and will definitely not be the last. This novel is written simply but reads vividly as though I was watching a movie. He adds interesting details to the description of the characters and what they are doing that the characters take on a life in the book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this over 3 days.

The Children of Hurin

I have read the entire trilogy of the LOTR but I felt this book to be more captivating. Its well described as one of the more dark stories by Tolkien but still not off-puttingly dark. Its more dramatic in terms of what the character Turin faces and is a deviation from the long detailed descriptions found in the trilogy especially of the battles. So in a way, I found this book to be a better read.

All these books were from the MPH sale at the Expo and were selling at $8 a piece.



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