Friday, December 05, 2008

Dung beetles in Singapore

I am not crapping here. Ha ha.


Its the school break and this means more nature walks at Macritchie. This time, a bunch of students and I are doing our walks in the hope of coming up with a useable guide for other students. The weather has been great and the walks are usually scheduled in the morning to avoid the afternoon rain.

The walks have been enlightening, coupled with the fact that the students are high-spirited. It takes a while to get use to their purposefully lame jokes and their msn talk. Enlightening because each time we go there, there is something new to see. Take for instance, this dung beetle - which may be a roller dung beetle, that goes by the latin name Paragymnopleurus maurus. (Thanks to Janice from NUS Biological Sciences who is doing her dissertation on this rather curious group of Coleopterans). We met this guy "rolling in shit" or more accurately - "rolling the shit", along the Petai Trail.

I suspect many of us would think dung beetles existed outside Singapore and in the Serengeti or something like that. But apparently they are found in Southeast Asia and locally as well. There's something new to learn all the time.



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