Sunday, June 01, 2008

Conjuring Heaven

Quite a few years ago when I was in University (year 1), I attended a talk by a priest who said.. heaven begins now, and he quoted some words from John in the new testament..

Fast forward many years to just 3 years ago, Br Broughton describes how he told students that they experience heaven as they meet up in a fast food restaurant and have fun and laughter over a meal, enjoy the company of close friends, and all worries and anxieties dissipate as they conjure up heaven.

A couple of days ago I was facilitator for a group of students on their 4 day camp. The 1st day's campsite was pretty near the beach and after setting up the tents and having dinner, it was just 7.30 pm. The nightsky was beautiful; there was no light pollution at all and the stars just dotted the nightsky. In the morning when I awoke, the cool and fresh air filled my lungs - a long lost feeling from fieldtrips to Malaysia.

The memories of dragonboating, wakatobi, rafting and mangrove planting will remain... but the heaven conjured by the youth in those 4 days come remind me of those insights by the holy men. Why wait till we die? Heaven is here...


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