Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Introducing mer-dog


Meet mer-dog, who appeared in my dream. In the dream, I was fishing and after a second cast of the line, I got a bite and I jerked the rod to get a strike.. it was a big turquoise and red fish... but lo and behold, as I reeled it up, I noticed that the head resembled my mum's schnauzer - Emily. I quickly released the hook from its mouth and pet its head.... then the dream ended. Was it because I had, in that evening been to my mum's place and while my dad, shaved my head, I was stroking Emily and staring at her.

Yesterday at the RICE talk, I whipped out this picture and related it to Biophilia, man's innate urge to affliaite with other creatures. This was a talk I gave as part of a mini-symposium on "The open laboratory". Siva and Cheng Puay were part of the team to give their own presentations on biology field-trips. Cheng Puay had finished way early but could have stretched a bit more as he was presenting those interesting fieldwork he had carried out over 3 year periods with students. Our rapport with the crowed wasn't as we had liked it. Siva was the good boy, surprising us with a clear and well thought out paper.. I knew our rapport hung by a thread so when it came to my turn.. I whipped out the picture and spoke about how dream metaphors of animals were some expression of biophilia...

It was great to catch up with Thomas and Ivan Chew, my band-mate and intellectual and mega-blogger and secondary school classmate.

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Anonymous Ivan Chew said...

It's a good rendition of a Schnauzer. I was wondering what Siva was going on about you and the drawing (since I wasn't there). But now that you explained its significance to biology and Biophilla, it made sense to me. And I'm not saying this just to keep our band going ah. :)

11:47 PM  
Anonymous lekowala said...

thanks for the comments. Thanks to fatigue from the 2 concurrent conferences, I fell asleep after pressing the post button... Had meant to email the post to you guys but obviously you got the feed. Yes "clutch head" but the ploy worked its magic as there were some giggles from my colleagues who knew I was capable of such stunts. I enjoyed the conference very much thanks to you guys. The "kakis" element just gives a new meaning to network. We were more like a pack of dogs. But then, we this is what I call lighthearted seriousness. We were all there as educators of some sort.

12:06 AM  

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