Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sea anemone

"Sea anemone" is dedicated to seashore life and preservation of the coastal environment--- also to my wife cos of the late nights I kept with this and the kids for sometimes neglecting them....

Just managed to put the finishing touches on this one. This is a rather technical piece , at least for me cos it the focus was on the melody that is more structured than I can normally handle.. and it was planned to repeat quite a bit. Hopefully it sticks like a splinter into the listeners head. Also, the lead guitars are at the forefront- a little intimidating since I am so used to being in the rhythm part of the band... Made the improvements from my other songs based on comments from Ivan.

For this song, I started with the chords and the beat in Garageband and then started to mess around with a few melodies over the tracks. Its a bit plastic cos it doesn't have the sit at the void deck or by the beach kind of feel "seashore days"or "starfish" have but its a bit neater and cleaner and something one can tap the feet to.

It took a while to finish this cos there were other things in the way... the usual... have to eat and go out and work and stuff like that. But got things done nocturnally. Didn't like the way it was so repetitive I finally put in a verse with different chord progression to save it - that really too a bit of time.

Hope to do about 8-10 songs by the end of the year to compile an album called "Seashore days".



Anonymous Ivan Chew said...

I liked how the piece opens with the guitars. It seems to jump out at you, in a pleasant way. Like a anemone suddenly bursting into wild waves. Subtle yet discernible harmonising effect from the guitars throughout. Very nice chord progressions. I like the break, though I would've used a different guitar sound to add contrast (not necessarily electric). The ending could've used a fade-out. I thought it ended rather abruptly.

Overall verdict -- relaxing and uplifting. A piece that I would listen again and again (which I did). You should do a screenshot of your GB pieces, so that we can trade tips :)

9:25 PM  
Anonymous lekowala said...

Thanks for those nice comments! I still think it needs some work though for more of that contrast you mentioned.. Better do that or else kenah labeled mediocre...

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Sea anemone « SeaStars 2007 :: The Album said...

[...] I also posted about this song earlier [...]

11:45 PM  

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