Sunday, August 12, 2007

Conference at Warwick

There was a pre-conference workshop that was really engaging.  It was facilitated by a Professor from the University of Bath and his speciality was on Philosphy for Children.  He gave and account of this learning strategy TASC which is currently quite widely used as a learning tool in UK for students to grasp certain concepts.  Apparently, there was a group of 6 year olds who when shown this concept, decided that there were some changes that had to be made as the learning cycle didn't suit them.  So they modified the framework and made it more 3 dimensional to suit their needs.

I thought that showed quite a high level of self-awareness by the children.  It was a highly engaging workshop and the agenda was based on the 15 min inquiry session from the 30 or so participants.

Another interesting thing to note was that Socratic questioning may be a fine tool but very  often it the teacher using the tool tends to have know the answers, so that the questions may be loaded.  Interesting insights into teaching philosophy.



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