Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Seashore days" (music mashup with Ivan)

Ivan's the Rambling Librarian.. he is also my secondary school classmate... I had lost all contact with him until Siva inadvertently reunited us, since Siva knows a LOT of people. I remember he score lots of points with the ART teacher Chikgu Rahim because he could do some real nice water colour paintings while we were trying our best to use stencils to draw "No Smoking" and trying not to paint outside the lines... we were art morons in his presence.

I knew he was doing stuff on Garageband, so when I got hold of a neat Macbook recently, I dabbled with GB a little and got hooked. Saving up to buy my new axe... cos someone borrowed my Ibanez and never returned it and I can't remember who. 24 frets some more... sheessh. Well, I guess that's that...Anyway, the neck was warped beyond tune and the action was way to high so fretting was a bit painful on the fingers. It was also getting old and giving me random electric shocks..

So I did a few things with Garageband and jammed out an acoustic melody with some strumming here and there with the good old ovation one sunday morning and decided to send it to Ivan. I was quite impressed by how he added the lead... I don't know what effects he has but the harmonics at the later part of the solo just agreed with me. The mashup was clearly a 1+1=3 kind of situation.

He gave it a neat title too... read more on his part here

Here's the podcast

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Anonymous Ivan Chew said...

Hey Adrian, credit is yours for coming up with the piece in the first place. The guitar effects I used are all from GarageBand. I tweaked the pre-existing effects by choosing different settings and tweaking them further (e.g. Amp, Distortion, Chorus, Wah etc. but not necessarily all together). Actually for this piece, although it sounds like two individual guitar tracks for the harmonics, it's actually spliced from one single recording. I merely copied the track, cut pieces of it and varied the octaves. Once I show you how it's done, you'll pick it up soon enough! But I bet you can figure it out for yourself pretty soon. Thanks again, for the mash-up opportunity.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Seashore days « SeaStars 2007 :: The Album said...

[...] How we got inspired to do this album. The album was supposed to be named Seashore days after the first song that we collaborated [...]

2:34 PM  

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