Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ryan's off to Round Island


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A farewell dinner for Ryan Ramjan at Zam Zam followed by tea at some Turkish cafe. He's taken to drinking pondan tea (floral type without milk...unheard of!) Ah well, people mellow... ha ha

Well Ryan isn't mellow. He is fiery, all heart and passionate about snake research, loves kids and volunteers for social work. Last year he took up social work and went around HDB estates to get youth who were loitering around to engage in meaninnful activities.

He got a job as a warden at Round Island, near his home.
All the best Ryan. It was a great dinner and also most of us spoke about our time at the labs in NUS and spoke also of the future. It seemed like there was a nice closure to that period of our lives. Most of us had more or less gone on our own paths and it seemed like a good time to regroup. It was nice to share and it became apparent that in many ways, we had depended on each other for support and meaning during our research years. Its surprising the effect you have on someone else. COSY, HL and FY (former hons students) were there too cos we sort of went through that period of our lives together. HL and FY were really great students to have and when I got them as students, I thought they were special and true enuff the journey with them was probably at the most interesting/trying in my life.  They made me also realise what my real interests were.   COSY as usual was her happy self and is looking at a very interesting job that really suits her very well. I am still convinced its a camping man or some mountain climbing person you'll meet.

Its been a great blessing knowing you guys.  All the best in this next leg.

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Anonymous kevin said...

oh wow dint know he leaving heh.. all the best to hiim!

8:19 PM  
Anonymous HL said...

haha..I just remembered about your blog. Yup, indeed, it was truly a good dinner, with nice people and good food. Talking about our good old days... What more can one ask for? All the Best Ryan! To add on to what had been mentioned, I myslef had learnt alot during that short journey I had tagged along.. something that will stay inside for a very long time to come.

1:23 AM  

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