Monday, March 12, 2007

Fishing at Chickenless Pulau Ubin


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Josh and Matt have never seen a live chicken running around in a kampong. Matt has been reminding us and so that was part of our doomed mission on Pulau Ubin ( I was hoping that there were one or 2 around). But of course Pulau Ubin is chickenless... I did ask the friendly people there and they laughed at me... zhen4 fu3 na2 jou3 le4 (han yu pinyin for "Gahmen took away" - bird flu lah) . I would really hate to have to bring them to the zoo or seng choon farm to see a chicken. But still we got to fish and caught a nice spotted sand whiting which Grandma cooked later at night and Matt and Josh got to eat it (I stressed upon them the need to eat your catch to honour the fish's life, if not then set the fish free). Actually we also caught a Therapon jarbua but let it go cause it was small and looked like it would grow to put up a better fight another day.

Luckily there was that wild boar in the pen of the drinks seller. At least that wild element of being on the island was suitably impressed upon the kids.

Anyway, it was nice to have the kiddies see how people lived in the past, and enjoy the rustic charm of Pulau Ubin.


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