Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bon voyage Siva!

Siva's on a 3 week trip on board this ship called the Gotheborg. It sails from Hong Kong tonight at 11pm and heads towards Singapore. He'll reach Singapore's port on new year's eve. What's he going to do there? Well he'll trim the sails, mop the boards, climb the masts etc etc. Apparently, there is some training session on tonight in Hong Kong before they set sail.

First, off to Hong Kong and he didn't even start packing till after midnight.

Shortly after this, the immigration officer double checks the passport just to make sure the passport is in order and makes an unflattering remark... He txts us to complain about this after Ladybug, for the 1oth time tells him to buy batteries for the waterproof torchlight, which, incidentally, as Ladybug adds, can float on water (I can just imagine the Gotheborg stop as Siva tries to use a 100ft pole to retrieve a floating torchlight from the undulating sea.) tee hee.

Bon voyage to our matey at sea, aye aye Captain! awwrrghh.. More about the Gotheborg at this weblog



Anonymous Flying to the Ship « The Swedish Ship, Götheborg said...

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Anonymous Blogging about the Götheberg « Aboard the Swedish Ship, Götheborg said...

[...] “Bon voyage Siva!” By Lekowala. lekowala! 05 Dec 2006 [...]

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