Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seashore students

A bunch of teachers and I conducted a seashore workshop for 22 students. It was a 2-day workshop with both a fieldtrip component and a bioinformatics course on the second day. The students were put into groups and then gave their presentations at the end of the 2 days. Winners received a magnifying glass and 2 bars of chocolates but all left pretty enriched according to their feedback.

To minimise impact on the shore, the students were told to take only photographs and to tread carefully along the coastline. They got to see some carpet anemones, lots of flower crabs and ragworms. Mostly nature did most of the teaching and we were there to make sure they followed some guidelines we had and also not wander off too far.

The tide was good and the waters pretty clear. We could walk ankle deep in water for quite a distance from the shoreline. In the feedback, students mentioned that there should be more of these fieldtrips and that it should span different habitats.

The bioinformatics part on molecular phylogenetics analysis was less well-received perhaps because it paled in comparison to a field trip in the open shore with the sun and sand. They however enjoyed preparing the presentations which

were chockful of pictures they took and spruced up with information from good local websites

Local Marine Life

Here are some snapshots with more photos here



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