Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gandhi Book by Romain Rolland

Finally finished this book by Romain Rolland, who was described as a "teacher, pacifist and loner". Its taken so long thanks to marking.... &$#$@%^. Finally I am finding some semblance of the tranquil and quiet that was with this short break... but fleetingly. Reading reminds me of saying the Rosary which I used to do on a regular basis despite being an angsty pundeh of an adolescent. I guess its meditative and good for my lousy attention span. But its a tough balance to meet these days. Got two small rowdy kids and a pile of marking to do... and daily as well.

The picture above shows them talking. Gandhi had gone to visit Romain in his home at Switzerland.

Bought this at the Chennai Airport on the way back. The shopkeeper saw me looking at one Gandhi book and before I knew it he brought out a pile of books on him smilingly. Its by Romain Rolland (1924). There's a nice little paragraph at the end refering to India's quest for home rule, probably phrased by Tagore.

"We must emancipate man from the meshes he has woven around him, free him from the organisations of national selfishness. We must persuade the butterfly that the freedom of the sky is better than the shelter of the cocoon. In India, we have no word for "nation". When we loan the word from other people it is not suited to us, for we should ally ourselves with Narayana, the Supreme Being, and our victory will be the victory for God's world...

Now I shall attempt to read Chokker Bali published by Rabindranath Tagore in 1903. I shall be upset if it doesn't get read by the end of the week.


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