Monday, June 05, 2006

Classroom under tree - Tamil Nadu

Classroom under tree
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The shade under the tree was where the first class was held 15 years ago. Classes are still conducted under the tree for the older students. I'd describe the place as idyllic, no rushing about and the people smiling more than the average joe and jane in Singapore. The mud paths less threatening than the streets of Denver and the air less polluted than London town. A small boy came running to me laughing, carrying a goat that was as big as him for a picture to be taken. Then more little children came and started to prance around and laugh. Such hearty laughter. Gee, these people were really happy.

The next day we sat in the huts of some villagers and had some sweet tea. The huts are barely the size of a small room and are divided into living room and the bedrooms. I sank into a plastic chair sipped on super sweet tea and in one of the huts stared at the posters of Jesus and St Anthony. The sunflecks that fell into the huts from the tatched roof sent me into a nice lull. I felt really at home in the mud huts.

One of the lady teachers told us of how, before she found refuge in the village, she had walked for 3 days for 210 km carrying her 2 year old daughter. I cannot even begin to imagine it. I can't even carry Matthew for an hour without complaining...


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