Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ubin house

ubin house
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This is the view from the kitchen and also the verandah on which we slept on. Curled up in the sleeping bag, listening to Cicadas, breathing fresh Ubin air, which was curiously sweet from the lalang (Imperata cylindrica) I guess... Of course some uncle had to delete his sms at 530 in the morning (and not in silent mode some more). I actually had to ask him if he was playing some computer game on his phone. Apparently he had 92 smses to read and delete from his phone... I actually had to get it out of my system so I spoke about it during a group discussion and group-tekan him. Came back on Sat quite disoriented and then there was morning assembly on Monday, forms to submit, emails to delete. Well, better than nothing I guess.


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