Tuesday, December 20, 2005


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A simple lunch with wife and kids (ball and chain) at Changi Village turned out to be really quite something and we only managed to reach home at 6pm.

We were walking past some coffeshops at the breezy and leafy Changi village when we spotted Otterman by chance at a kopitiam concentrating on reading some manual before a meeting.

The place is really quite different on a monday afternoon. Its so zen that people like the Otterman pop up, with an hour to spare because his meeting got postponed. Providence.

It just got better and after we parted ways, we walked along the road pavement. The road pavement along Nevatheron is not quite the same on a monday afternoon as well. You also get to spot hornbills.

We somehow managed to find the new boardwalk. It was breezy and this was a day to carpe diem, or gather ye rosebuds. So we sat on a nice wooden bench (courtesy of NParks) and stared out into the open sea.


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