Sunday, November 27, 2005


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This has been such a good read. I am at the epilogue. And for the whole of this morning, I have used tactics such as playing VCDs of Hi-Five one after the other to evade the marauding kids and wife to reach pg 423. Its such a wonderful thing to find a good book. TV just becomes crass entertainment. The book is a novelised story of Prince Rama, bound by virtue, driven to become an ascetic with his dutiful brother Lakshmana and ever faithful wife Sita. They stay in the forest for 14 years and at the end of that, Rama slays the king of the demons or Rakshasas to rescue his virtuous wife Sita who has been held captive for a year in Lanka. In the meantime, his other brother Bharata, who instead of taking to the throne in Rama's absence, rather, serves the sandals worn briefly by Rama and lives as an ascetic as well. The exciting part is the final confrontation by Rama and his new allies, the monkeys, the most valiant of which is Hanuman. Well back to the book... and a nice serving of yoghurt ice-cream.


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