Friday, October 21, 2005

"There was you"

I took out the cd and listened. It was Kai, a street performer in Covent Garden. I remember the rumbling rides on the tube back and forth and staring out into the fields and cosy looking homes. The leftover newspapers in the train. Jee-hin had come over from the US to visit for a week and we spent most of the week roaming the streets of London. We used to just huddle one corner in the cold autumn afternoon listening to musicians till evening beset us, which was early. We had spent most of our youth writing, playing and recording songs. It was nice to be in that moment. We were one with the musicians; their hopes of a tune reaching to someone who would appreciate. I can still remember the smells of the bazaars; there were many scent shops so it was a potpourri of smells.

I took out the CD and smelt it and for a moment I was transported back. Should I dwell in the past? I didn't just dwell, I closed my eyes and dove right in and swam around and stirred the stagnant waters of my past. I came to a part where the waters were not so mirky and bespeckled with gems. It was a place oft visited when restful reminiscence was needed. Ahhh, these were the jewels that could never rust and where moths could not destroy, whilst the walls of some places darken, these gems sparkled with chemicals of many oxidation states. How true how true.

"There was you, there was me
But we never found out what could be
Cause we came from such a different place....

Give your heart a second chance
even if you lose your first and last romance
Everyday I miss you smile. Everyday is such a long long while."

Excerpted from "There was you"
SARI: Pearltree in the Wilderness by KAI JANSEN


Anonymous there was you… a tribute to Kai, the memory maker « lekowala! said...

[...] 2 of his albums and there was a song there that marked a beautiful memory for me. A few days ago he commented on the post . It was a pleasant one, long, thoughtful, like a nice glass of wine or a sit down by the lake.. [...]

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