Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sister Moon, Brother Sun

In the car Josh asks “ Papa, why the moon is not out?”
“Because the moon doesn’t come out when the sun is out.
“Because the moon has gone underneath the horizon” (right...horizon, now kenah explain that)
“That means I can use an excavator and dig it out?”

Hmm, I guess this can go on forever, I am beginning to realise how stupid adults can be/seem. Luckily having spent a year doing pedagogy, I whip out my secret weapon – Piaget.

“Okay, the moon and the sun love to play hide and seek”
“Hide and seek?”
“Yes, when the sun is out the moon hides from the sun and when the moon is out, the sun hides from the moon”
Josh giggles and is satisfied with the answer.

See also why the moon follows you around. why the moon follows you around.


Anonymous Jenad said...

woah... brother and sister playing hide and seek ah? wait till he goes to school and start telling his classmates about his new found theory... you may be called in to answer some very interesting questions from the school... ha ha ha... but a good one!

When i have kids, i'll send them over to you guys to answer all the chim earth, moon, sun questions!

10:37 PM  
Anonymous ticopi said...

and keep hoping he doesn't see the moon one fine afternoon +_+
It will be game over!

6:22 PM  

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