Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tadpoles and frogs

Bringing something live to class just gets the class pretty excited.  Lots of questions asked.  What do they eat, how they breathe, how big can the frogs grow? etc etc.  I teased them about not knowing where to catch tadpoles from.  Its seems none of them have ever gone tadpole-catching.  They were pretty embarrassed about it.  I had the upper hand for that moment and was “cooler” than the kids to know longkang tactics which was disbursed in much detail.  Well, the frogs and tadpoles were part of an activity to emphasise the change of excreting ammonia in a tadpole to urea in a frog as nitrogenous waste.  Ammonia is more toxic so an aquatic environment would suit it as it gets dissolved, diluted and diffused away and urea is less toxic so is better suited for a quasi-terrestrial frog.  Some of the kids took back  souvenir froglets to keep as pets and apparently this caused some disruptions in their other subject classes as it roused the curiosity of the other kids.  Biology is just such a wonderful subject.


Blogger Angeline said...

Woo!!! Your lessons are so fun!!!
I wanna be your student too!

By the way, I'll be trying out the toothpickase activity next term! But I'll prob use legos as Cheng Puay suggested. It should be fun, what with mittens and all?!! =)

8:26 PM  

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