Monday, August 08, 2005

National Day Celebrations

National Day celebrations in school are one of a kind.  Even Jen told me that I would enjoy myself singing “Stand up for Singapore”.  So paiseh but all the teachers were up on stage singing away (some were unabashedly boogeying to National day music) and the students were waving their hands and singing along.  The heartland never felt so energetic.  I had a good time once again and participated in the School’s “Idol” contest.  A PE teacher and I did some retro stuff and I played the guitar.... We sang Richard Marx lah and Ronan Keating... damn void deck.  I think my partner enjoyed himself so much he actually said to me that he always wanted to sing, he actually joined the Singapore Idol contest but was a few months over the age limit, yahder yahder yahder....  I brought him back down to earth by looking at him and laughing in his face and shaking my head...  Half an hour later, he was on the quadrangle busy playing a teachers-student game of captains’ ball.  Hey every dog has its day...


Blogger Monkey said...

^_o welcome to the heartlands.
just about 80% of singapore anyway

9:46 AM  

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