Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Day at the beach

Today we spent the day at east coast beach hoping to catch the fireworks later in the night.  But what happened at the carpark left a bitter taste in my mouth.  We had parked outside the parking lot along a narrow road but on seeing that there were two lots suddenly available, I asked Jen to go reserve it cos it seemed quite hazardous to lug two small kids with bicycles on tow with little space between us and the fast cars.  I headed to the car, made a long u-turn to see that Jen was frantically waving at me to hurry.  There was a family, a rather overweight man, his overweight wife and lovely kid and maid.  They were looking in our direction, unhappy that Jen had reserved the place earlier.  What was shocking was when the man had driven up towards the lot in which Jen was standing in, holding our 18 month old son and standing her ground and waving the man not to drive in, the man drove and lunged the pickup truck towards her in a threatening manner.  Jen then saw another lot available and waved the family there.  Still, after the man parked his vehicle, the wife was looking at Jen and complaining loudly (the thanks people give!).  This all happened while I was still making my way to the parking lot.  As soon as I parked the car, I looked over to the family, wondering what Jen was gesturing about (Jen was now complaining as loudly as the other woman, oh no I thought, sticky situation arising).  Still confused I looked towards the direction of the man and woman, trying my best to get appraised of the situation.  Somehow, the looking made the woman and her overweight husband quiet suddenly.  I must really look like an Ah Beng.  Jen was still going on though.  I told her that I was happy she stood her ground.  She reminded me of Kasturbai.

Later, we discussed the situation by the sandy beach.  On reflection, I wondered what made the man, lunge his vehicle forward so threateningly towards a woman (small one at that) holding a toddler (a cute one at that) in her arms; the very epitome of motherhood and all that is good, and on National Day somemore (KNN).  Can’t be “choping” a parking lot so serious to warrant such a behaviour.  Well, God help him.  I hope he sees the picture of Mother Mary holding the baby Jesus and may his guilt eat at his very heart so that he will donate more money and services to the good of his fellow man.  I hope his wife, kid or maid doesn’t have to bear with any of such outbursts of the “small” man with the overcompensatingly big car.... Barnacles!  On my part,  I must remember not to chope parking lot anymore and if I do, I shall bring a dustbin along to do that.

On a more spirited note, we enjoyed a very breezy day at the beach and the highlight of it was the 2 helicopters with the very big Singapore flags flying past very close to shore, witnessed by the kids.  Jen and Josh broke out into a Mari Kita.  He has been learning that in play school.



Anonymous chengpuay said...

You got the 'look' dude. haha. I think you might have unwittingly given the man the glare you used to silence a noisy class.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous November said...

i think shldnt have left ur mrs there to chope lah! some ppl heartless one u know

anyway my nephew also learnt mari kita at playschool and him, his mama (my sis) and me were belting out mari kita !

6:32 AM  

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