Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kind Nature


Me: Hey Mdm Y, why you not happy ah? I said jokingly.  
Mdm Y: No lah, just swatting a fly.
Me: (on closer inspecting of the injured insect).  Eh, its one of those wasp that parasitises on cockroaches lah.... Mdm Y, its on OUR side.  Its not dead yet... I think I will rehab it.
Mdm Y:  (now feeling quite bad)  Hiyah, it should have worn a jersey saying its on our side
Another teacher: Yah, like HOME TEAM

Raucous laughter..

An hour later after the wasp goes through rehab in a vial on my desk, I decided it should partake in the education of some fine students.  It got to stay in the upper part of a test-tube and on the lower end is bicarbonate indicator with a wire gauze separating the solution and the wasp.  A few hours later the indicator turns yellow from the carbon dioxide that has dissolved in it, suggesting respiration has occurred.  This is all recorded on film.  Problem is, I didn't have a vial without a wasp as control... so the damn indicator could have turned colour even without the wasp as a matter of time.  The wasp is then let go and flies away, recuperated from the hard whack.  Thank you wasp.


Anonymous Monkey said...

wah lau thats damn cool lah
how come i didnt have a teacher like u in sch last time *SIGH*
orh now i know
i never take bio! :o

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Jenad said...

woah... u r super fine teacher man!!!

I second that wish to have you as my bio teacher!

I only remember my bio teacher standing with her arms on her side, looking very fiercely at us and saying that we are horrible at drawing biological diagrams. (she was trying to get us to draw goat's teeth, how pretty can that look?)

I'm having a great laugh with your teaching stories! Keep it coming, its giving me ideas on future kid training at home too!! =D

btw, do u think if u can upload ur video on ur blog? would b really cool dude! ;)

11:01 PM  

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