Sunday, July 03, 2005

Eat, sniffs and leaves

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Siva sniffing the very fragrant Sentol purchased from the Thai embassy bazaar (no apples and pears there, just durians, mangosteen, jambus, mangoes etc). The Sentol, Sandoricum koetjape, Meliaceae is a fruit of the past. I have eaten it on occasions when my grandmother or mum got it from Malaysia or the local wet markets when it was in season. My landlady used to comment that she very much enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables that were in season. Chen Kee also got a first taste of this relic fruit. Active conservation of our fruit heritage. I wonder if we'll find info on the nutritional value of such fruits compared to grapes, oranges and pears.

Thanks for the comment below Otterman!


Anonymous Monkey said...

got to agree that the fruit diversity in singapore and even the veg diversity as well. and to think we're considered pretty diverse in european/american standards. what about those punks! depraved with only lettuce and citrus.

when i was in thailand living in the village trying to document even a fraction of the plants these folks know of, its just incredible.

5 species of white rice, 3 species of glutinous rice, 9 species of bamboo and quite a number of bananas alone. this is not including the misc stuff...

6:44 PM  
Anonymous lekowala said...

Waah Monkey, you must tell us more about your Thai Village stint, sounds damn interesting. Got pictures or not?

Which punks eat citrus and lettuce - quite healthy diet.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous November said...

to think of it
i take that back
they only eat hotdog and soda grrr

thai stint got picture
surely not as exciting as any of you botanists' forays into the jungles/mangroves

6:57 PM  

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