Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ten men in my hand

Ixonanthes reticulata
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20 June 2005. BTNR Ixonanthes reticulata Erythroxylaceae. Ten men is the english vernacular given to the tree which gives this fruit (a capsule). Malay name is Inggi burong, Nyiran burong or Pagar anak. Using Corner's Wayside trees, I keyed it down to I. reticulata. The other species is I. icosandra. Parts of the capsule still green, have been dropping from the treetops; perhaps the birds are getting at the seeds hence the malay vernacular. The persistent sepals and petals are resinous sticky as described by Corner (1998).

Corner, E.J.H. (1988). Wayside Trees of Malaya.Vol 1. The Malayan Nature Society, KL, Malaysia. p 255-256.


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