Thursday, October 14, 2004

Greedy for Chapatis

Okay, this one is just too sick to stomach, literally. Thanks Otterman for pointing out this most fortunate foiled chapati manoeuver. No one messes with my chapati. Check out the Greenpeace website with the heading Chapati Chor Monsanto's Wheat Patent Withdrawn in Europe Following Greenpeace Opposition: Bio-pirates Beware


I remember making chapatis for dinner was one of the most therapeutic things when I was writing up my thesis. So I had chapatis and vegetable curry twice to three times a week, especially after a mentally challenging day with the pages. Kneading the dough and then letting it rest before rolling it and putting it on the pan.

Why don't just put a new gene in the durian. I'd called it the D'S'24 - Damn Smelly


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