Saturday, August 21, 2004

Meher Baba and Pete Townsend of The Who

Yesterday (19 Aug 2004), I met a yogi from India. He is here on an invite by my landlady who will arrange for him to give a talk at Pete Townsend's studio which happens to be nearby, how happening is that? Apparently he is a disciple of a famous yogi called Meher Baba. Anyway, he is an old cherubic Indian man and was sitting in a chair at the corner of the dining room. He stood with much effort when he saw me and hugged me twice (left and right) and clasped my hands in his and said "I am very happy to meet you." As he was talking to me, a caucasian man, presumably a disciple, knelt before him, in reverence. Needless to say, I was just thrilled to have experienced the strange but pleasant meeting and I felt priviledged to have met him. I told him that my friend would be thrilled to know that I had met him as he was starting a yoga school and he replied:" Do you know what yoga means? It means, You go and I come." and he smiled widely. So, after about 10 mins of him and I staring at each other and holding hands and talking...I had to hurry off for a dinner and all I could mutter was, "God bless." Funny.

Peace, man.

I did a search and found out that the nice cherubic man is called
Bhau Kalchuri

"Bhau is a member of Baba's mandali (close circle of followers) and the Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust. Here he is giving a talk, in his inimitable way,about his life with Meher Baba at The Pilgrim Centre, Meherabad. Bhau has written many books about Meher Baba including the large biographical volumes 'Lord Meher', and many great 'Ghazals' (type of poetry)"



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