Monday, August 09, 2004

Curry by the Sea

It was a beautiful day at the beach today. Josh was busy playing with the sand and I was looking at the remarkable patterns on a piece of dead coral stone.


The waves ebbed near our feet and as the tide receded, I noticed the small footprints Josh had etched in the sand. My moment was. however interupted by one tiny amphi/isopod that had sunk its proboscis into my left foot, and no doubt, having his own moment. I caught it and presented it to Jen who of course was unmoved by my discovery and let out a muted, uninterested "eek...". I flicked it back to the sea, the wide open sea...


I remember clearly the days my parents brought my elder sis and I to the beach almost every other month or so. My younger sis hadn't come into the picture yet. It was simple. We swam and ran around the beach. I would go off and inspect rock pools and chase after the crabs in the hollows and fish that were, at that time visible in the shallows. There was always a pot of chicken curry with hard boiled eggs and the french loaf. We were always ravenous.

Till today I remember with vividness, the day I saw 3 water spouts, summoned by the heat of the day dancing across the surface of a very calm Changi sea. It was a magical sight to behold and I was overawed for that 15 seconds before the spouts collapsed back into the water's surface.

Josh and Matt can't eat curry yet, but in time, we will have our very own curry by the sea.


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