Wednesday, July 07, 2004

No kosong?

We were at Newton Circus hawker centre and unlike tourist, we ordered stuff like chinese rojak, chicken rice and popiah.  We decided to treat Josh to his fav roti-prata...  So I carried him and excitedly told him that we were going to order prata. Jen said,"okay, this time just order 1 for him."(he gobbled up two the last time and for a 2.5 year old kid, two pratas should be quite a lot... That's how much he loves it). Happily, I went to the nearest store and ordered, "one kosong, please." Lo and behold, the owner said, "we don't do kosongs in Newton, only Murtabaks." I felt faint but held steady and mustered my most dumbfounded look and walked away.


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