Friday, June 18, 2004

Orca dream

I had a dream last night. The dream occurred past 6 am ( cos I woke up to feed Matthew at that time and the dream happened after that). At the start of my dream, I found my self in a sort of pool or canal which was embanked by a house and its steps. Jen was holding Matt (5months old) and he was in a white printed t-shirt and wearing his diapers. I was opposite them. It was a cool and very bright afternoon and the walls of the house was white. The water was bright turquoise in colour and we were waist deep in it. Joshua was standing near the steps and playing near us in the water. Matt was laughing as Jen help him by both his hands and swung him playfully and gently on the waters suface. A killer whale (Orca) swam and arched its body behing Jen playfully, we weren't startled but I did tell Jen to hang on close to Matt (not sure if they would bite Matt) but generally we were quite happy for the Orca to swim nearby, another Orca, a juvenile joined us and swam near Joshua and it seemed to be more like a bottled nose dolphin and I could see it smile. The fins of the two dolphins were very clear to me. Generally the feeling was one of blissful happiness and peace.

Halfway, I found myself in a sort of passage way near the steps of the house near the water and I saw a boy with glasses( his glasses had those hooks to keep it in place behind the ears - later in the day, a colleague would tell me to wear those in place of the string I have on my specs). He looked a bit lost but not terribly. Just a bit on his own. In my dream I was wondering if he was an older son we didn't know about. In my dream I looked toward Jen with a puzzled looked but I soon turned my attention to the boy and wondered again

In the later part of the dream, I saw a coffin being carried of by bearers (only could see the hands of the bearers); they leaned the top of the coffin towards me to show me a symbol on top of it. It was like a catholic symbol, gold in colour very shiny. It consisted of an "R" symbol, on the right of it was an ornate open circle with patterns within. So it looked like "Ro" with the "o" smaller than the R. In my dream I felt it was a Marian icon with the symbol of the Eucharist on the right. I didn't feel terrified by the coffin but I was curious about the symbol and as that welled up in my mind , the bearers leaned it towards me to show it to me. It was a religious symbol.

It is funny how I remembered the dream so vividly, but generally speaking, the dream gave me a good feeling and it felt deep, like the other dolphin dream I had before I went to Kew.


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