Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Night of the Pasar Malam

My take on the blackout. So, as I was furiously taking batteries out of Josh's toys just incase the blackout lasted longer than expected, Jen's mum calls and asks if everything is okay. I was pretty amused as she mentioned that "the whole Bishan is black 'cept for the Pasar Malam..." We were there just an hour ago. Past the worries of how to warm up the milk when the baby wakes up a few hours later (I decided that my 50 over tealights for the altar would do the job), I was reminded of the well lit pasar malam I used to go to near Lower Pierce Reservoir. Those scenes are somehow lit in that warm tungsten lighting. I wonder if they were kerosene lamps.

Well take heart everyone, a Mauritian I know says the blackout reminded him of cyclones, except that over there, it is darker without the cars going by.


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